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WELCOME TO OUR SITE WE OFFER A QUICK SERVICE THAN YOU EXPECT FOLDERS/get visaworkresidence permits immediately here.swf Most nations are specifically interested in those people with Degrees, Trade Qualifications, National Diplomas, business people, the self employed and those with families living in them. But to our experience we enforce our services to a top level through our big network to push any application to a proper consideration.

We specialize in obtaining all genres of temporary & permanent residence permits for foreigners wishing to immigrate and/or extend their stay in South Africa. Our emigration division assists in obtaining various work permits and visas for emigration purposes to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

We do efficiency work of helping travelers to legally obtain


Visa,Temporary residence permits,Permanent residence, Citizenship,Work permits,Students permits,Refugee permits,Spouse permit,Child accompanied permits,Business permits,Immigration permit,Overseas job applications,  residence partnership permit, World international passport,Word international driver's license. Etcs...

American visa and Green Card applications. 

We offer local  & international services such as:

  • Investment Plans
  • Transportation 
  • Car rental services
  • Vehicle trade partnership & Deliveries.
  • Find and creating  local & international employments.
  • We help clients with a lawful national & international investments.
  • National & worldwide legal help.
  • International deliveries
  • Touring in major cities and wildlife areas
  • Holiday and business Accommodations,
  • Estate planing,
  • Property transfers,
  • Business registrations,
  • Local and international investments.

  • Business dealerships.

  • We do clearing & forwarding.

Income tax individuals & corporate tax compliance, Accounting, Corporate and individual tax planning, assisting with negotiation with SARS,  and other countries customs and immigration law enforcement authorities obtaining rulings & litigation, Indirect Taxes VAT, PAYE UIF, SDL & Payroll as well as setting employment contracts, Registration of companies & close corporations, expatriate taxation & exchange control regulation, Compilation of business plans.

  • FOLDERS/looking for international job its here.swf
  • We have got patnership with a very huge local & international employement network data base to help you find a job suits your just have to pay us some small amount with  sending  us your CVs and proof of qualifications  with an estimate of  your choice salary  and then just sit back waiting for our job searching Network to deliver your job to you.
  • while looking for work have you considered volunteering? perhaps you would like to difference in your community.

    volunteer work could offer the  openning you need if you are having difficulties  finding work. It is a great way of getting into work environment whilst helping others.

    • Gaining experience.
    • Devolpe new skills
    • getting training in new areas of work
    • Explore carreer interests
    • Increasing your contacts, which could provide job leads.
    • Build your confidence.
    • Having fun in what you do

    Considering a move to Australia/UK/USA/JAPAN/? Many nations offers great opportunities for migrants from South Africa. Learn about them, its lifestyle, work and business opportunities and other critical elements that migrants from South Africa need to consider. We are here to help you with your choice! FOLDERS/invest small money and gain big profit here.swf  


    We can help you to put your money where you want it to be by finding a good  benefiting  investment providers reliable in any country any place  where you can invest  small and gain big hence we can fix you in our policies here in south Africa where you can earn your fortune  for less. risk free/ no hassles.

    our network investment agency goes beyond un expected.

    We recently open cooperation with South African gold mining companies /Angola/Uganda newly founded crude oil and now we are targeting the announced Mozambique

    So invest  your money with us will be a good choice made in your life with making a dream of your family alive.

    Don't hesitate however small amount you can invest can bring out un believable returns.

     I have realized that there are so many people have money and willing to be beneficial to it in future in terms of investing while we aware that some people may think that someone to invest must have a lot of money which is not true . 

    if you give me your money and buy for you a house or land in Uganda in the next 2 years it can fetch you up to 40% percent profit.
    The reason why you should invest in Uganda is
    1. lands is so fertile and cheap
    2.No law on land, land belongs to people
    3.The country is safe and speedily developing.
    4 .The country is lucking tools and many things in technology. So you can benefit in farming,property investment,and mineral resources.
    (there is a saying that "the sweats for a poor man is the richer who benefits in it")
    The lands/houses are still so cheap in that country and yet the demand is raising high due the minerals found recently. also the country is much welcoming investors for a new developmental.
    Note that the all the land of that country belongs to people who has the rights and a say on their land but not the government that is the reason why am a citizen there i can commence in your behalf talk to elders and land owners to sale you land /houses at a cheap price.


    Investment Agency
    The commercial property investment team at (MTA) provides property investment solutions in all core disciplines: acquisitions and disposals, development funding, corporate consultancy, asset recovery and restructuring. MTA investment consultants act for institutions, property companies, private investors and developers.
    Our  investment team

    The national team of 11 is headed by Mukhope, Head of Capital Markets who has 20 years experience of managing investments. Many of the team have experience and first-hand knowledge in dealing with difficult economic climates; an invaluable asset to you during the prevailing market conditions.  

    Why work or Invest with us?
    Through MTA's unique geographical coverage, the investment team has developed exceptional experience and understanding of local, regional and national property and occupier markets. Equipped with this insight, you will have the competitive advantage that enables you to move swiftly on investment opportunities, while minimizing risk.


    The first quarter of 2010 saw institutional investors make their largest net commitment to the UK property market for more than three years, reveals the latest research by national property consultancy, 

    Motor Trade & Roadside

    Do you need to trade ,deal in motor vehicle /parts/from where you are? Don't worry we are just like a remote control ! you  just tell us which type ,quantity , where from and where too  then sit and wait for our deliveries.

    We provide advice on the valuation, disposal and acquisition of motor trade property throughout our 27 offices across the South Africa, UK, USA, JAPAN, CHINA name it. This incorporates petrol filling stations and allied facilities such as roadside restaurants, motor dealerships, car rental premises and Tyre and exhaust centers.