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WELCOME TO MOSEKA TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY IN SOUTHAFRICA FOLDERS/your opportunity to reach your destination starts here.swf

We are an  independent travel agent helping travelers to reach there destinations safely and costless, in addition to enable them have a peace of mind when applying for visa and other travel requirements.

Our jobs are totally done with 100% guaranteed!

We do efficiency work of helping travelers to legally obtain

  • visa,
  • Temporary residence permits,
  • Permanent residence,
  • Citizenship,
  • Partnership permit
  • Work permits,
  • Students permits,
  • Refugee status permits,
  • Spouse permit,
  • Child accompanied permits,
  • Business permits,
  • Immigration permit,
  • Overseas job applications,
  • World international passport,
  • World international drivers license
  • American visa and Green Card applications. FOLDERS/a big worldwide investment  job network is here.swf

We offer local & International services such as:-


  • National and international legal help,
  • Investment Advise,
  • Investment plans,
  • We help clients with a lawful local & International investments
  • Transportation,
  • Vehicle trade partnership & Deliveries,
  • International deliveries,
  • Find and creating local & International employment,
  • Car rental services,
  • Touring in major cities and wildlife areas,
  • Holiday and business Accommodations,
  • Estate planing,
  • Property transfers,
  • Business registrations,
  • Business dealership,
  • We do clearing & Forwarding.

 Have you applied for your local ordinary passport? or Not yet
Have you already got a world international passport?

Have ever traveled to beautiful countries to change your environment or witness wonderful design of the world?

If not ,what  are you waiting for? Some says: Changing place sometimes means changing fortune.

Have you think of working abroad, but  still stuck of idea of  knowing  how and where to start? Yes here we are!


The primary benefits of using Travel the World Visas are speed of processing, convenience and peace of mind! 


 We are a one stop shop visa service company dedicated to providing an Efficient, fast and reliable service at a reasonable price. 

Due to our excellent working relationships with consulates/embassies,  we can obtain visa, passport or document authentication and legalization within 24 to 48 hours.  We have the experience and knowledge to walk you through any passport, visa or document situation.  We strive for excellence in customer service.

  •      Saves you time and money
  •      Does all the leg work and research

 Eliminates all the hassles in obtaining visa, passport or document authentication and legalization because we thoroughly check all your documents before submission, thus, eliminating or reducing the potential of rejection by the consulates/embassies, U.S. State Department, Passport Agency, etc

 Assigns an Account Manager to clients for personal assistance, thus, you will be working with one person only (not with different agents)

 Assures that passports and visas issued have correct information and the signature of the appropriate consular officer

Assures that you will receive your travel document on time

 Notifies you promptly of problems with your visa, passport or document, such as incorrect fees, incorrect picture size, applications not completely filled out, or when your document does not have proper certifications, etc.

Guarantees travel documents will be submitted to the embassy/consulate, Passport Agency, U.S. State Department within one business day of our receipt of your application (provided all documents received are complete).

 Eliminates your writing multiple checks to the State Department, Consulate, 

Passport Agency (if applying for a multiple visas/passports or documents for overseas filing at the same time)

Our offices situated privately at : Cambridge Rd, Cape Town,7460 ,South Africa


Director:     Mr. Moseka J.G.M

Phone:  +2783 549 5588

Fax : (+27) 021 934 00754


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