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We specialize in obtaining all genres of temporary & permanent residence permits for foreigners wishing to immigrate and/or extend their stay in South Africa. Our emigration division assists in obtaining various work permits and visas for emigration purposes to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

We do efficiency work of helping travelers to legally obtain

Visa,Temporary residence permits,Permanent residence, Citizenship,Work permits,Students permits,Refugee permits,Spouse permit,Child accompanied permits,Business permits,Immigration permit,Overseas job applications, resindence patnership permit, World international passport,Word international driver's licence. Etcs...

American visa and Green Card applications.

Here are some of the few services we offer to our client travellers!

Backlog of immigration departments has caused choas to immigrants  things are moving slower than before. That is the reason why you need expert to help you process your applications and avoid being victimized by the stressing stiuation.

Although the process of issueing  Visa , travel permit, residencial permits,Immigration  permits ,permanent residence, Refugee permits,Work permits ,Student visa,Marriage permit, Passports  and IDs are taking long these days and are so delicate ,but to us will not be a problem due to a fact that we know what we are doing and we know what it takes to archive the best results for our clients. 

We promise have  reliable source and counterparts of all what we offer . You will never go wrong with us 

Traveling after you have planned your journey or prepared for it very well is atlist the best thing you could do to avoid disappointment and disturbance in your life. 

Investing money in land or Abroad is also a free best tip for you in once life time . because economy is acting like a crazy monkey these days  we need to fasten our belts every day and night to survive the speeding world from corriding.

That is the reason why you need to trust us we help you to invest your money into a good source of investiment for you.

There is no small money or much whatever you put in the box or under the bed you will find it as it is in next 100 years ,but t if you give it to us we put it for you in mines,mineral ,properties, currencies investiments, will be putting you on top of billions and be a billionaire.

My granny's friend told me her  friend told her to invest  her money  in long term investments 65 years back  she laughed at a friend and say if give my money away just  like that  and how sure am i  going to live such long and yet am 23 years old yet i dont have a child am investing for?  But guess what right now she's still alive while need much more to live and eat. but nothing available for her right now she sometimes sleeps hungry without food on the table.


We offer Transport, Tours in major cities ,Tours in wild areas, at a low cost!


We offer 2 days free accommodation and 2 free meals for the first day of your visit!


The South African Immigration Law was rewritten in 2005. It is more transparent now, although the immigration ministry still reserves a wide defined right of discretion. We present the basic outlines for the for the process of issuing of Visa, Work Permits and Permanent Residence permits  and other  in South Africa.


CapeTown noted as one of the best cities in the world, Cape Town, and Joharnsburg the capital of South Africa is the ideal place for people who want to live in a city fused with rich culture and modern lifestyle.

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